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"COFFEE & BALSAM" Premium Beard Oil - Amber Dropper Bottle

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Shine, soften and control your facial hair with our Coffee & Balsam Beard Oil. This mix of pure therapeutic-grade oils will make you feel like you are sitting on a mountain-top in New England drinking your favorite coffee, and will keep your facial hair and the skin underneath soft & healthy.

1.) Shake the bottle well to mix up the oils.
2.) Apply between 2-8 drops (depending on beard length/preference) to your palm.
3.) Rub hands together and rub the oil into your beard and moustache. Rub your beard in different directions and try to massage the oil all the way down to the skin under your beard (many men forget that beard oils are not only for your beard, but for the skin underneath).
4.) Comb or brush the beard in a downward motion. If using a coarse brush, be gentle combing your moustache hairs. Try to point the teeth of your comb horizontal to your face So they can open your pores as they touch your skin.
5.) Admire the shine and barbershop scent!

- Protects the hair, and skin underneath to prevent dry skin and dandruff.
- Adds softness and shine to the beard regardless of length, even eliminating the roughness of stubble in the early stages of beard growth.
- Adds shape to your facial hair, controlling stubborn hairs.
- Antibacterial and anti-fungal properties keep the beard fresh throughout the day.
- Keeps your significant other happy

*For best results, apply after showering to ensure that your pores are open, but be sure to dry your beard fully before combing or brushing, as this can cause split ends.

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