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SHAVE SOAP - 4oz. All Natural

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  • SHAVE SOAP - 4oz. All Natural
  • SHAVE SOAP - 4oz. All Natural
  • SHAVE SOAP - 4oz. All Natural
  • SHAVE SOAP - 4oz. All Natural

All-Natural Shave Soaps are back!

Take the pain out of shaving with the thick lather from our olde-fashioned shave soap. The all-natural ingredients help to strengthen your skin, and provide just the right amount of slip to provide you with the closest shave possible. Scented with Bergamot & Spruce to leave you smelling fresh, while adding antibacterial/antimicrobial properties.
*For extra sensitive skin, use with our All Natural Pre-Shave Oil.

4oz. Soap

Coconut Oil
Palm Oil
Safflower Oil
Vegetable Glycerin
Purified H2o
Moroccan Red Clay
Activated Charcoal
Sorbitan Oleate
Wheat Protein
Oat Protein
Propylene Glycol
Vitamin E
Scented w/ Natural Essential Oils

• Put the soap in a mug (any shave mug or coffee mug will do).
• Dampen a shave brush with warm water, and shake off excess water.
• Move the wet brush in a circular motion on the top of the soap until the soap forms a lather (if the lather is lacking, wet the brush again and repeat).
• Wet your face (or other area to be shaved) with warm water to open the pores. For best results, soak a wash cloth in warm-hot water and hold on your face for 30 seconds.
• Apply the soapy lather to your face by brushing in one direction.
• Shave, you beast!