BEARD WASH - 8oz. Amber Plastic Bottle (all-natural)


Face washes and shampoos can be extremely harsh on beards, and leave them dry with flaky skin underneath. Our hand-made Beard Wash provides a thick lather to clean beards all the way to the skin underneath to leave them soft and refreshed.

Our formula contains natural oils to moisturize your facial hair and leave it ridiculously soft and shiny.
For the scent, we chose a blend of Clove Bud, Bergamot, Cedar and Tea Tree both for the wonderful scent, and for the cleansing/antibacterial properties.

Manners' Beard Wash comes in an 8oz. plastic bottle for easy of use, and the amber bottle helps to lengthen the shelf life of the product.

*Recommended shelf-life is 6 months.
*For external use only.

This is a liquid shampoo. Shake Well! Cup your hand and fill your palm with Beard Wash. Rub your hands together to create a thick lather. Spread lather throughout your facial hair and massage deep down to your skin. After 30-60 seconds, rinse out the Beard Wash.
For a healthy, shiny beard, dry your beard well after washing, and comb in your favorite Manners Beard Oil.

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